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ASP Session Guide


 My Maternity Sessions are done ideally when you're between 32 & 35 weeks but booking at the early stages of your pregnancy is recommended to ensure availability!


During these sessions I capture you and your partner, your spouse, your family, your friends or just yourself  - whoever is on this journey with you that you would like commemorate in this session.

It's one of those stages that while you're going through it, the idea of having your photograph taken is the last thing you want to do, but once it's gone you so wish you could look back on, so don't let it go undocumented. You're growing a person, that is definitely something worth commemorating!

I offer maternity sessions either at a beautiful location or in the comfort of your own home in a lifestyle session, whichever you feel best represents you - I aim to personalise this session for you as much as I can.


The classic newborn session

My Newborn Sessions take place when your little arrival is between the first 8-18 days of life for the very best results. Booking your Newborn Session during your pregnancy is essential to ensure your session date is held!

I only take on a limited number of newborn clients per month to ensure I am able to be as flexible as possible with your session. We simply pencil in a session date based on your due date and if your little one arrives early or is overdue we simply keep in touch & move your session accordingly. I do however keep a select few spots aside each month for last-minute bookings, so if you haven't booked while pregnant please still get in touch & I will always do my best to accommodate.

I offer a portable natural light studio for my newborn sessions which means I am able to bring all of my props & studio setups to you! It's very special being able to capture lifestyle images in your babies own nursery aswell as the studio newborn setups, all in the comfort of your own home.

Your newborn session will be 2-3 hours in length depending on your little one and includes multiple beanbag and prop setups aswell as sibling, parent and family shots ensuring your gallery has beautiful variety. Before your session you will receive a Newborn Info Pack & Newborn Questionnaire. The info pack gives you a step-by-step guide to your sessions layout aswell as answers some of my most commonly asked questions, and the questionnaire enables me to completely personalise your session to suit you, your style & your family. 

*Older Babies*

While my Newborn Sessions are done when your little one is in their first 3 weeks of life, it doesn't mean you've missed out if you have a baby that is between 3-7 weeks that you're looking to get photographed - you can still get a beautiful session done!


My Older Baby 'Newborn' Sessions are more relaxed sessions when it comes to posing to accommodate your baby who, now that they're a little older, don't enjoy being as compact, but will still include both beanbag and prop setups fully styled as-well as beautiful detail shots, sibling, parent & family shots just the same as my younger baby Newborn Sessions. While these sessions usually take a little longer for baby to settle into as they are more alert at the older age, we can still achieve beautiful images that will serve as mementoes for those younger weeks!


The lifestyle newborn session

My Lifestyle Newborn Sessions take place at a beautiful outdoor location or in the comfort of your own home. This session has been designed for the families who aren't looking for a traditional studio & prop newborn session, and instead are wanting something family focused centring around their newborn with a more relaxed feel - what I call, the lifestyle alternative.


Family is the focus for this session and it is designed to be 1.5 hours in length to centre around your newborns needs for a slower, more relaxed session & allows for feeds and any stops along the way. The beauty of this session is that there isn't as much of an importance on the newborns age, were a traditional newborn session ideally takes place when your little one is in the first 8-18 days of life, this session accommodates newborn upto 4 months old - perfect for the families who have had extended hospital stays, have chosen to take some time to focus on their recovery, or families who simply haven't had the time to book a newborn session in advance while their little ones are in their first 2 weeks of life but are still wanting those first few months commemorated with a session.


A combination of newborn, siblings & family images will ensure your gallery has a beautiful variety and all the relationships within your family unit are celebrated & captured. If you're wanting a baby focused family session with a relaxed lifestyle feel and at a pace that suits your new arrival, this session is for you!


The family session

My Family Sessions are relaxed & candid photographic experiences designed to document the beauty of your family. Your session will be 1 hour in length & will take place at a location of your choice, whether its one of your favourite spots as a family or you're wanting some recommendations - I have many favourites that I can suggest!


During these sessions my aim is to create a memorable family experience that will translate into natural photos that truly represent your family. My goal is to always ensure your photos are attached to the memory of a time spent with your family, rather than the memory of simply standing and posing for photos. My favourite feedback from family clients are "I wasn't expecting this to be as much fun", "this is exactly how we would normally play down the beach and goof off as a family" or "this wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be at all". The days of standing, posing & being uncomfortable for photos is over and I love bringing out your natural family dynamic to make sure your photos are as authentic to your family unit as they can be.


The little ones milestone session

I have created the Milestone Sessions to capture the big moments of your little ones first year in the world were they transform from newborns into awesome little people!

So many changes happen after the newborn stage, so these sessions are here to make sure no milestone is left not celebrated.

Whether it's the 3 month roll over, the 6 month sitter, the 9 month crawler or the 12 month milestone which can be upgraded to a Cake Smash Session to celebrate your little ones first birthday, this session is perfect for capturing all their little characteristics at these special ages.

These sessions are styled just as any others are at either a beautiful location or the comfort of your own home, and these sessions are between 30 minutes - 1 hour in length with your little one being the sole focus.

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